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Decay, frost and sunshine


Dawn at Westport lake
Sunrise over Westport lake.
Crocus blossom in spring
Moody landscape scenery in Scotland.
Happy forest.ICM nature abstract.
Orange, lenticular cloud and pastel blue sky in background.
Extreme weather and lighting conditions during sunset in Scottish Highlands.
Dark cloud and fog over hill with coniferous forest in Scottish Highlands
Painterly landscape of Scotland.View on Glenelg bay.
Dramatic sky over Loch na Dal.
Moody sky over Loch Tulla in Scottish Highlands
Fog over Loch Tulla in Scottish Highlands
Raw landscape of Isle of Skye.
Dramatic sky over Loch Alsh.
The land of extreme


Cloud inversion in Scottish Highlands at sunrise
Clouds rolling over mountain peak in Scottish Highlands
Tree growing on hill slope surrounded by blossoming bluebells.
Dandelion, moonlight and wind.
Dreamlike autumn nature abstract.
Cloudy sky and sunshine in Patterdale valley
Tarn Hows in autumn
Sunrise on Higger Tor in Peak District.
Sunset on Higger Tor in Peak District, UK
Autumn woodland scene
Path in foggy autumn woodland.
Lush and green coniferous woodland with mossy forest floor
Trees leaning over lake in autumn
Birch tree on lakeshore in autumn.
Autumn reflections in Lake District.
Cloudy sky over Lake District fells in autumn.
Tarn Hows in autumn
Birch tree in autumn.


Reflection of trees in water.
Reflection of trees in lake.
Waterfall in woodland, in Lake District, Cumbria,UK.
Sunset over Westport lake.
Dramatic sky over Lake District hills in autumn.
Clouds rolling over Yew Tree Tarn in Lake District.
Clouds rolling over mountains in Lake District.
Clouds rolling over Lake District hills.
Buttermere lone tree at dawn.
Autumn in Lake District.


Sunset in Lake District.
Sunset in Lake District
Sunset over Crummock water.
Sunrise over Wasdale
Winter wonderland landscape.
Winter wonderland landscape.
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